About Recon Security

At Recon Security, we provide professional private security solutions for people and property. Whether you need a personal bodyguard or on-site security for your property, choose the experts at Recon Security in Oklahoma City, OK.

We are proud to offer our services to a number of industries, including corporate and residential. In addition to private security services, we also offer private investigator services. With over 20 years of combined experience in security, military, and law enforcement, we have the skills to serve you well.

Why Choose Recon Security?

Photo of Recon SecurityWhen you choose our private security services in Oklahoma, you get a uniquely crafted security plan designed for your individual situation. The same ideas that apply to securing a large public event don’t necessarily apply to securing a small business. Our professionally trained security guards will carefully assess your property and situation to identify risk. You can count on the utmost attention to detail and professionalism when working with Recon Security.

We are prepared to handle a variety of situations and recognize the unique challenges presented by certain locations. A healthcare facility, for example, requires different methods of security than a rural drilling site. No matter what the job is, though, you can count on quality customer service and trusted results. We work around the clock to make sure our clients’ needs are met.

Call Recon Security in Oklahoma City, OK today at (405) 510-0201 when you need a private security guard. We’ll keep you and your assets safe while providing the peace of mind you’re looking for.