How Do You Keep Your House Safe From Thieves?

Security System

An Alarm Can keep Your Safe From Intruders.

Making sure your home is as safe as possible is the goal of most people. Today, there are so many different technologies out there that are created to keep your home as safe as it can be. Home security systems are not able to secure your home from intruders by providing a video to your phone when someone rings the doorbell or walks too close to your front door. Making sure you secure your home against intruders is so important in order to keep you and your family safe. It is one thing to be away when someone breaks into your home, but if you happen to be home and surprise the intruder, it can turn into a very serious situation where lives can be taken and mental damage can be done. Your home is supposed to be your safe zone and when you are in it, you don’t want to have to worry about the dangers of the outside world, coming into your safe zone. Having home security is so important so that you can do things like secure your home when on vacation and not having to stress about what happens at home while you are away. These are a few secure your home tips that can be helpful if you don’t know where to start. One of the very first things that we recommend is getting a home security system. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but at least something that will alert you if someone enters your home when you have the alarm set. This can also save your life if someone intrudes when you are at home sleeping. If you are able to, have cameras installed in many areas outside of your home. When camera are visible, it is less likely that someone will try to intrude because they are much more likely to get caught or have their getaway vehicle caught on tape. How to secure your home without a security system? This is a great question and the best thing you can do is make sure your home is locked up tight. Make sure that you have a deadbolt and that your windows are locked at all times. If you are able to get one somewhere, put a security name sign in your window or in front of your yard to trick burglars into thinking that you have an alarm system set up.

Common Questions About Home Invaders

How do I secure my home from break in?

There are so many ways to secure your home from a break in. There are a few essentials though. One of the first things you want to do is make sure that your home has a great locking system. This means that your front door has a deadbolt and all of your lock are secure. You also want to invest in a security system. This may not stop a burglar from choosing your home, but if they do get in, they will hear that alarm and if they choose to stay, they run the risk of the police showing up while they are still there. You will also be notified by phone if the alarm goes off and nobody turns it off. The same goes for glass break sensors on the windows and other doors as well. These are just a few things that we covered above that will help keep your home as safe as possible.

Do burglars break in at night?

Many people believe that burglaries happen only at night when this isn’t usually the case at all. Most people that just want to steal your stuff, will not risk breaking in at night and running into the homeowners. The most common times that burglaries occur are from 10 am to 3 pm. This is usually when most people are at work or are out running errands.

Do security lights deter burglars?

This is a hot topic question that many people don’t actually know the answer to. It can actually go either way, but some professionals say that having the lights turned on in your house or in the front, will actually draw attention to what you have inside your home. On the other hand though, if you leave your home completely dark, it may welcome people to come and get away with taking things out of your home without anyone seeing them. The best thing that you can do, is to get motion detection lights so that there is an appearance that you are home if someone gets too close. This will give you the best of both worlds and should keep your home safer in the long run.

Do burglars return to the same house?

Burglars often do return to the same house if they were able to get away with stealing the first time. If for example they easily were able to sneak into your garage, they may return shortly after to try again. If your home was robbed and there is a big to do about it, you may also be opened up to a higher chance that other burglars will come and try to do it again as well.

If you need extra protection or have any questions about residential security in Oklahoma City, make sure that you call Recon Security at (405) 510-0201 and we will be able to help you however we can.

Do You Need Armed Transport Services?

While secure transportation has been around for decades, methods of easier construction have allowed for the service to be available in almost every are and for any purpose one can imagine. Today, armed transport services are utilized for everything from transporting valuable industrial equipment to a new work site to transporting valuable personal belongs to a new residence. There is no limit to the uses for safe and secure transport services. Consider using armed transport for any of these situations:

White Armored Truck

Armored Trucks Can Provide the Protection Needed for Your Valuables to Arrive Safely.

  1. When traveling with no cell service
  2. When traveling alone with children
  3. Trips to foreign countries or other unknown places
  4. Excursions to questionable areas or neighborhoods
  5. Long trips with valuable in tow

What is Secure Reliable Transport?

In some cases, a mailed package or a professional courier or delivery team isn’t adequate for your belongings. Whether your possessions are exceedingly valuable or contain unpublicized information, there may be times when you need a more secure transportation method. Secure reliable transport offers armed transportation of people, valuables, and other possessions to ensure they safely arrive at their destination. These transportation experts use unmarked and reinforced vehicles, weaponry, and controlled communication to complete each transport safely and accurately. Secure transport can be used for:

  • Personal Assets
  • Company Records or Private Data
  • Influential Person Transport
  • Jewelry, Money, or Valuable Transport
  • Business Agreement or Document Transport
  • Equipment and Material Transport

Benefits of Using Armed Transport

Armored cars provide extensive benefits that can’t be matched by any other service. While still a fairly new service for the general public, armored transport can present time and money saving advantages as well as peace of mind. Armored transport isn’t just for money anymore. In fact, many private and corporate goers are utilizing the service for their personal valuables, company records and documents, and much more.

Security Guard Standing Watch

Security Guards can Provide Increased Safety and Peace of Mind.

Save Time
When you entrust a transport service, it leaves your time free for more important tasks.

Lower Theft Risk
By using an armed transport agent, your employees are out of the theft spotlight and your inventory is at less of a risk of being dwindled by pickers.

Operational Efficiency
Using armed transport services allows your employees to take on other projects.

Improve Security
A noticeable presence of armed guards can deter many wrong-doers before an event takes place. An armed guard can also prevent occurring security breaches through force.

Your Armed Transport Options

Depending on why you need the service, you have several options for your armored transport service. Whether you need personal protection or a defense system for your valuables, there is an armored service that can help you.

What is Armored Car Service?

Armored car service is just how it sounds. This is a transport service where the vehicle has been reinforced with protective qualities to better protect what’s inside. With armored car service, you know that your property is being safely transported from point A to point B by a driver who is experienced in both defensive and evasive driving techniques as well as secure transportation protocol. Armored car drivers are carefully screened and vetted so you can be sure that your belongings are safe and secure throughout their trip.

Defensive Driving

What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is a driving tactic and skill in which the driver predicts and plans for the moves of the drivers around them. Proper defensive driving takes extensive practice and focus but can decrease the risk of accidents exponentially.

Evasive Driving

What is Evasive Driving?

Like defensive driving, evasive driving is a driving technique that requires skill and experience to perform correctly. This technique is implemented in areas of danger or imminent threats and is used to get out of the precarious situation. This type f driving takes incredible amounts of skill and experience, and can be very dangerous when carried out by an ameteur.

Secure Transport Protocol

What is Secure Transport Protocol

In order to ensure that your possessions end up at their destination unharmed, armed transporters use protocols. These measures are in place to provide uniformity and reliability. They provide easily identifiable deviances to the plan so your armed agent is always prepared for danger or disturbances.

What do Armed Security Guards Do?

Armed security guards provide a secure means of travel for persons of interest including sports and entertainment figures, politicians, and even highly recognized corporate professionals to ensure they travel to and arrive at their destination safely. These professionals use advanced communication tactics as well as planning, weaponry and reinforced protective measures to ensure safety and comfort.

Secured Transport Service You Can Rely On

In today’s world, one just can’t be too careful. Whether you need transport of a family heirloom or you’re looking for a little extra security for a vacation with the kids, additional security never hurts. The Recon Security team provides affordable, reliable security and secure transportation throughout Oklahoma City, OK and the surrounding area so you can always be sure that you and your belongings are safe and secure. Our professionals are trained and skilled in focus, defense, and evasion techniques and can give you the peace of mind you need. For all of your security guard or secure transportation needs, speak with the Recon Security professionals by calling (405) 510-0201 today. We deliver the security you need in any situation.

What Is a Process Server Used For?

Close Up of a Bronzed Statue of Justice.

Process Servers Are Able To Serve Legal Documents To Individuals.

A process server is used for a wide range of services like filing documents, the retrieval of documents, and serving documents, with the latter being the most common service that process servers provide. Usually, a process server will deliver legal documents to individuals who are involved in some sort of court case. Once the process server has delivered the documents they need proof that the documents were delivered to the right person. Under the fifth and sixth amendments to the constitution, service of due process is a right for every individual, so if they are being summoned, they have a legal right to know so. To learn more about what process servers are allowed to do, continue reading.

What Is a Process Server Allowed To Do?

  • They Can Leave Documents At Your Door: This applies to people who are being evicted and typically the papers should be served in person, but a process server can leave the documents at the door. However, they also must mail documents to the address of the person being served.
  • They Can Still Serve Someone Even if The Person Doesn’t Accept the Documents: When someone is being served with papers, they don’t actually have to sign for anything. So if they decide they don’t want the papers but the process server has proof it was delivered, then its the fault of the process server.

Using a process server is a safe way for legal documents to be delivered to the right person. Just like you wouldn’t perform a gate installation on your own, you wouldn’t try to serve someone who could potentially harm you. If you need process server in Oklahoma City, OK, please call Recon Security at (405) 510-0201!

Why Your Business Needs On-Site Security

Business Security Service

A Business Security Service Can Provide Invaluable Peace of Mind.

In recent months and years, business and cyber security — or the lack thereof — has generated massive headlines. Security breaches at major retailers and other consumer business companies yielded up massive amounts of private information, both of the businesses themselves and their customers. While these breaches were of cyber security, they also highlight the importance of a business security service. After all, when it comes to your business’s physical location, you have to protect not only your data, but also your equipment, inventory, and personnel.

The Benefits of Private Security for Your Business

Many business owners, especially small business owners, scoff at the necessity of private security. On-site security, along with commercial surveillance systems, provide a host of benefits, however. In addition to the obvious benefits, such as the physical security of your team, inventory, and equipment, your business will enjoy a host of other advantages.

  • Control Access to Your Property
  • Prevent both Internal and External Theft
  • Your Employees Will Feel More Secure
  • Visual Deterrent
  • Legitimizes Your Business
  • Fosters Unity Among the Staff

The physical presence of guards, ID cards, and secure areas allow you to control who accesses your property. A business security service will also provide a visual deterrent to stop crimes before they even occur. This becomes especially important in regards to theft, both internal and external. ID cards and card-access points will also make your employees feel more secure, and foster unity among the staff. Finally, private security will legitimize your business. If you have something worth protecting with security, then it will naturally appear more legitimate to others. In addition to on-site security, business surveillance systems offer another reliable way to protect your assets.

Local Business Security Service

At Recon Security, we provide a myriad of security services for both individuals and businesses. If you want the benefits of live, on-site security for your business, you can trust our team absolutely. We have more than 20 years experience in the security industry, and go above and beyond in service of our clientele. To learn more about our business security service in Oklahoma City, OK, give us a call today at __PHONE__.

What to Do When You Have a Home Intruder

Home Intruder

Your Main Goal with a Home Intruder Is to Remain Hidden and Call the Police.

In all likelihood, you will never confront a home intruder. Even if your house is burglarized, it will likely happen while you are out. However, when you consider that more than 2 million burglaries occur each year in the United States, the chance does exist that you’ll one day need to deal with a home intruder. If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, practice the following tips.

Make Sure They’re Real

Many people have experienced the phenomenon where they awake certain that someone is in their home. The thought may have been borne by a half-remembered dream, an odd sound, or the movement of a housemate. To know whether or not to take action, you must verify whether an actual intruder exists. The best way to do this is with your ears. Listen closely, and try to gauge whether you hear footsteps, breaking glass, or the opening and closing of doors.

Stay Where You Are

If you’ve determined that an actual intruder has infiltrated your home, stay where you are. You might have the temptation to charge down the stairs, weapon in hand, but the reality is that you don’t want to force a confrontation. In most cases, the intruder will have much less to lose. You also will not know how they are armed. If you pick up a baseball bat and charge an intruder armed with a gun, you will likely end up worse for the encounter. Simply put, lock your door, find a hiding place, and only resort to violence if you the intruder forces the issue.

Call the Police

Your number one priority at this point is to enlist the aid of the police. Call 911, and in a calm, quiet, and steady voice, describe your situation. The average wait time for a police response is 10 minutes, so you won’t have long until help arrives. If you find yourself in a position to observe the home intruder, try and memorize physical details to aid in capture.

At Recon Security, we provide personal security solutions to protect you, your valuables, and your family. To learn more about our services in Oklahoma City, OK, give us a call today at __PHONE__.

What Do I Do When I Have Been Served?


When You Receive A Summons To Appear In Court, Remember Not To Panic!

Whether it is by mail or in person, you may find one day that you have received papers of summons or to inform you that you are being sued. Being served is a high-stress situation that can leave you feeling a range of emotions and worried about what to do next. The best thing you can do is to not panic. While it may not feel like it, you have plenty of time to work on your side of the case and prepare. If you are feeling lost as to what to do next, we have compiled a few things you should do while you await your day in court.

What to Do

Be Cautious – It is important now that you know you will be attending court that you watch both what you say and what you write regarding the case with others. It’s understandable that in this stressful situation that you may want to vent or discuss it, however, any and all correspondence or conversation may be brought up in court. To prevent having your words used against you, keep comments on it only in the bare minimum to those unrelated to the case if you must.

Make a Plan – Emotions can be high when you receive a summons, but the best thing to do is to calm yourself and make a plan. Review the served notice or summons for information on the situation, such as court dates and reasons you are being summoned. Collect your thoughts on the situation and any relevant information that has lead to this situation arising. Determine why you are being summoned, by whom, and what created this situation.

Do Not Rush – Remember, you do not have to feel pressured to respond to the summon. You have a time limit to reply and to attend court so take your time. Find an appropriate attorney for your case, and make sure they are someone you can work with. Collect any documentation you can that is important to your side and work on your defense.

Need a legal process server to reach out to an individual for a case? Recon Security offers process server services for your needs in Oklahoma City, OK. Call us today at (405) 510-0201 today!

Personal Protection: Private Security Guards

Private Security

Security Guards Work to Prevent Intrusions, Not Just Respond to Them Like Electronic Systems.

What is the difference between a residential security system and private security guards? That’s a question many homeowners ask themselves as they create their home security plan. While home security technology offers some protection for your family, nothing beats the outstanding safety provided by personal guards. Here’s why.

Preventing the Problem

While many potential thieves might be persuaded by a “protected by” sign, the most determined criminals will not. For the potential of easy profit, many criminals simply plan rapid break-ins and exits that completely ignore traditional security systems. Even if a thief is deterred by your home’s alarm system, it may come at the cost of expensive property damage.

Private security guards focus on preventing crime instead of responding to it. With the active, fluid response capability of in-person security, you can be confident that your property is safe from would-be thieves.

Rapid Response

While an alarm system may scare some criminals, others recognize the time gap between alarm activation and police response. That leaves precious time that your family could be exposed to danger. With private security personnel, you’ll have immediate protection on-site that can adapt to the situation and safeguard your family.

Personal Peace of Mind

While enhanced security may be the most obvious benefit of on-site guards, the peace of mind that comes with trained professionals guarding your home is invaluable. You can rely on private security to protect your family while you’re away from home, and your household can relax at night.

For more information about hiring private security guards in Oklahoma City, OK, you can speak with our experts at Recon Security. Call__PHONE__.

Why You Need Armed Transport

Armed Transport Service

Our Team Can Help Ensure that Your Valuables Arrive Safely.

Valuable documents, cash, jewelry, and other items are generally well protected within most homes and businesses. A would-be thief must not only infiltrate your property, but overcome barriers presented by safes, vaults, security systems, and more. When the time comes to move your valuables from one place to another, however, none of these protections exist. In fact, transport represents the time in which valuables become most vulnerable to theft. At Recon Security, we can help lessen this threat with our armed transport service.

Lack of Security

As stated above, most security measures go by the wayside during transport. You may store your valuables in a strongbox or reinforced briefcase, and even handcuff them to your risk; but this still cannot equal the protection of a stable, secured location. Armed transport provides the extra level of security you need.

Too Many Variables

Security generally works through the reduction of variables. For example, a secure fence and gate can provide a property with just a single entrance. The reduction of variables allows for greater security, as you can concentrate your efforts and better anticipate threats. When you leave a secure location, variables increase dramatically. You cannot know what will happen on the road, or across the distance from your vehicle to destination. Our armed transport team has the training to protect you and your valuables from threats, wherever they may occur.

At Recon Security, we provide for professional armed transport service in Oklahoma City, OK. The next time you need to move valuables from one house to another, or from your home to a bank, contact us about security. To discuss or schedule service, we remain available at __PHONE__.

Benefits of Small Business Security

Small Business Security Guard

Small Business Security is An Important Part of Your Company’s Success.

Anything and everything can happen in this day and age. It usually happens when you’re least expecting it. If you own a small business, you may not think that hiring a security guard is something worth writing into the budget, but it can provide a variety of benefits for your business and keep your employees safe. If you are interested in small business security services, Recon Security can help you choose the one that is right for you.

Why Hire a Small Business Security Guard

If your small business is located in a high traffic area of town, or if you deal in high-end, expensive product, it is a good idea to hire a security guard. Here are three reasons why every small business should consider it.

Peace of Mind
If your employees know that they are being protected by someone with experience, they will have peace of mind when coming to work. This can increase their longevity with your company as well as boost their productivity.

Stop Crimes
While surveillance cameras are helpful after a crime has already happened, they may not deter the criminal. Having a visible guard has been proven to ward off potential criminals before they harm your business.

Monitoring Services
In addition to regular security services, a small business security guard can monitor surveillance screens, keep a lookout for shoplifters, and close the building down after hours.

If you would like more information about the benefits of small business security in Oklahoma City, OK, call our office at (405) 510-0201.

Places You May Need Security For

54268915 – security guard in shopping mall

In today’s world you can never be too careful about where you’re going, especially if there will be large groups of people. As a business, event, or place of gathering, you may want to consider hiring regular security to help keep an eye out for any dangers that could be around.

Schools – Schools are a hot topic of discussion because of the contant school violence. In a location with so many kids, it is not possible for teachers and administrators to keep eyes on every child all the time. Added security roaming around may be able to ward off any bad behavior or prevent a student from walking down the hallway with a gun.

Malls – We don’t hear about major events happening at malls these days, but because of the size of the facilities and the amount of people that go in and out every day, it could be a good idea to have a few extra security guards around to make sure that everything runs smoothly. This will also give people peace of mind that they will be safe when they are out doing their shopping.

Churches – There have been several church shootings in the last few years that have taken the lives of innocent people. Having a security guard around may be an idea to consider. The added protection could end up saving lives or giving the kind of peace of mind you want when attending church.

Because there are so many unknowns in the world today, you can never be too safe or over protected. Security may not be necessary, but it will certainly make the public feel a lot better. To learn how we work or what we offer, give us a call at __PHONE__ today.