Armed Transport Service

You can never be too careful when protecting yourself or your valuables. One of the most vulnerable times for you and your possessions is during transport. Mobility may create lighter security and more opportunities for danger or abduction. Just because something or someone needs to be moved, it does not mean you need to lower your guard. Recon Security offers armed guard transport services for your needs in Oklahoma City, OK. Keeping yourself and your valuables safe has never been easier. Our private security guards have defensive driving training and come carrying concealed weapons. When you need armed transport services, give Recon Security a call at (405) 510-0201. 

What Is Armed Transport?

Photo of armed transportWhen seeking security services, armed bodyguard detail is a common choice. You may find yourself wondering what an armed transport is and what it is for. While it can be for an individual, the most common use of an armed transport team is for valuable items, such as money, documents and objects. This security service is one of the more difficult. When at a specified location, securing an individual or object is simpler due to the known factors and assessment of others within the area.

An object or person in motion, however, is susceptible to many different variables. While threat assessment does come into play for transportation, it is also important that your private security detail be adaptable and have defensive driving training. Our private security guards undergo rigorous training and certification, giving them the skills needed to protect you and your valuables against potential threats while on the road or in flight. Threat assessment and tactical choices ensure everything arrives on time and safe.

Your Private Armed Security Choice

Recon Security understands you need private security guards who are discrete and effective. We provide armed and unarmed bodyguard and security services to fit your needs. Whether you are a CEO or celebrity, our team is ready to provide security to keep you, your loved ones, and valuables protected. Call Recon Security today at (405) 510-0201 for armed transport service for you or valuable belongings in Oklahoma.