Executive and Personal Bodyguard Service

Photo of executive bodyguardAre you in need of a bodyguard for your personal protection? At Recon Security, we understand that each individual has different requirements and needs. Our professional private security guards provide you with the protection you need while remaining discrete. The safety, security, and threat assessment we provide will allow you to go through your day knowing you are safeguarded from any harm, injury, or outside dangers. Recon Security offers a wide variety of protective services to fit your needs, whether you require a personal bodyguard or family bodyguard services. Call Recon Security today at (405) 510-0201 for our personal and executive bodyguard service in Oklahoma City, OK!

Celebrity and VIP Bodyguard Protection

Photo of executive bodyguardFor celebrities and executives, there are a great many elements that could create security issues. At Recon Security, we understand these threats and take measures for your protection. When attending meetings or special events, the venue will be assessed for security issues and clients will be driven to the location. A thorough sweep of your meeting space will ensure it is clear of any potential hazards, be it people or devices. Individuals at the location are assessed and observed in order to prevent any attacks that may come to your person. Our private security guards remain close in order to best protect you during events and transportation. Our services do not stop merely at meeting spaces. We provide obstruction against aggressive paparazzi, protesters, stalkers, and more, preventing physical attack or mental anguish. When traveling about town, our private security guards keep you safeguarded while you shop, tend to errands, and more. These comprehensive services are designed to give you peace of mind and give you the space you need to take care of your business. 

Contact Us for Executive Bodyguard Service

No two clients are the same when it comes to security needs, but each deserves the best protection and service available. Recon Security guards work with your needs, remaining vigilant and keeping you safe from physical dangers. Our thorough training and professionalism are brought to every security job. Depending upon your need, we provide armed or unarmed services as well as solitary or team security. If you need personal or executive bodyguard service in Oklahoma City, OK, give Recon Security a call at (405) 510-0201 today!