Cannabis Security Based in Oklahoma City, OK

Cannabis security is quickly becoming a growing concern throughout the country. While producers, retailers, and distributors face an ever-changing regulation and requirement system, they must also consider the safety and quality of their product.

We Can Provide the Peace of Mind You're Looking For.

Our Security team Can Provide Safety, Every Step of the Way.

Let the Recon Security experts help ease your mind with professional cannabis security, offered throughout Oklahoma. Our guards offer security service for all cannabis participators, from grow site watches to delivery accompaniment. Call us now at (405) 510-0201 to find out more about the cannabis security services we provide.

Live Security, Every Step of the Way

While the cannabis market gained a quick foothold throughout most legalized states, the question of effective security still remains.

The threat of robbery and product swiping is very real for most involved in the cannabis business. Our expert security team can offer live, on-site guards that are not only trained and vigilant in their security duties but are also up-to-date and educated on current cannabis regulations and guidelines. We can assist with grow stations, retail and dispensary facilities, and provide peace of mind and protection for you and your inventory. Call our experts today at (405) 510-0201 to learn more about our cannabis security services throughout Oklahoma, and how we can help provide you with peace of mind.

Grow Stations

Keep your inventory safe and secure, even when you’re not present with a live on-site security guard. Our team can protect your inventory from break-in threats and employee swiping, cutting down on lost inventory and business dollars. Both armed and unarmed guards available to provide maximum security where you need it most.

Retail and Dispensary Facilities

Many times, it’s when the product hits the shelves that it’s at the most risk.

Our on-site guards can stand watch in your place of business to cut down on both employee and customer theft. Protect your product from all dangers with maximum security provided by the Recon Security experts.

The cannabis business is still fairly new and always changing. Ensure you have the right security team in your corner. When you’re looking for a safe, affordable cannabis security team in Oklahoma that you can count on, call the Recon Security experts at (405) 510-0201.