How Do Bodyguards Work?

Bodyguards will be able to communicate & survey areas to make sure they're clear!

Protection & Safety

Personal bodyguards are not just reserved for the rich and famous, there can be times where an average citizen may require their services for personal protection. The avenues of how to get a personal bodyguard do require certain steps to be taken but they aren’t too extensive as would be expected. You may even be able to interview a personal bodyguard to see if their skills and background would be a good match for your particular case. Once hired, you can benefit greatly from their expertise and be protected no matter where you go.

Benefits of a Personal Bodyguard

  • Offers Protection From Potential Threats
  • First Responders in the Event of an Emergency
  • Can Deter Crime Activity
  • Can Help Manage a Crowd
  • Offers Streamlined Movement or Travel
  • Has Constant Surveillance of Surroundings

Can I hire a bodyguard?

Yes, a good way to get a personal bodyguard is to get in touch with a professional and certified Bodyguard service.

How much does it cost to hire a personal bodyguard?

Costs can differ per state and if you’re wanting a national or international job. The average cost across the nation for hiring a personal bodyguard is $20-$30. Costs can rise for one-day private events at $75 an hour to $150 an hour for 24/7 executive protection.

What does a personal bodyguard do?

Personal bodyguards can either work alone or as a team and will follow their clients around while being prepared to act upon a situation of attack or harassment.  A personal bodyguard’s duties and responsibilities involve escorting clients in day-to-day activities or to public events. They will usually look for potential dangers around the vicinity,  pre-search rooms, buildings or vehicles, plan out travel, carry out security checks and research the background of people their client will be in contact with. They can protect an individual from theft, threats, kidnapping, assault, assassination, loss of confidential information and other criminal offenses. Roof inspections in Oklahoma City, OK

Do bodyguards carry guns?

There are both unarmed and armed bodyguards with the later required to have earned a permit to carry. That being said, depending on the state or municipality of the job bodyguards who carry a weapon may or may not be required to have them be concealed.

Do bodyguards need a license?

Depending on the state that you live in a license may be required in order for a bodyguard to hold a position. Most bodyguard employers require a high school diploma or GED, but certain states may also require a postsecondary degree or certificate with previous experience in security-related positions. In order to increase chances of high-level jobs, it’s been recommended that a two-year degree program related in a security major be taken or at least complete a bodyguard training program.  

What skills do you need to be a bodyguard?

Areas that will assist you in becoming a bodyguard are training in law enforcement, personal security, criminal justice or police science. When studying for an associates degree it’s valuable to take courses in security strategies, public safety, first aid, emergency services, risk assessment, and/or communications. Not only will these skills increase your marketability but all are necessary for improving your performance and providing more safety and security during varying situations that could occur on the job. What’s more, these tactical skills are essential in creating strategies and plans to protect your client.

Bodyguards will stand post to review the territory for safety measures.

Physical Fitness Recommendations

If you are planning or aspiring to be a bodyguard it’s important to train your body in order to handle the physically taxing and rigorous duties often imparted on a bodyguard. It’s expected for a bodyguard to have strong stamina and long lasting endurance as during the course of the day you may be at your feet and even need to continue onto activity like running and jumping in order to impart safety. As far as physical build there is no requirement to fit the cliché broad shoulder and tall physique, just an ability to have the strength to properly defend clients from potential danger is necessary.

Some recommended activities that can assist you in preparing for a career of a bodyguard can be training in martial arts, endurance training with a personal trainer, weightlifting, yoga or running amongst other physical activities. Martial arts can extend to focus on hand to hand combat, weapons disarming and self-defense. If you’re interested in a career path that will have you carry a weapon than be sure to have arms training so you expertly can fire with skill. Any of these programs can be found online, from the local police station, military bases or armed forces.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a bodyguard or simply want to employ their services, it’s important to know more about the skills, duties, and laws surrounding a bodyguard’s job. Bodyguards are a great addition to ensuring your safety if you’re in risk of potential threats or danger. If you’re curious to learn more, be sure to contact a personal bodyguard service for more information.

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