How Do Private Investigators Do Surveillance?

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Basic Information Regarding Private Investigators

A private investigator is often visualized as movie screen counterparts who are quiet watchers that can trace information for anybody. Although it is less dramatic in a certain situation, essentially this type of behavior rings true in stealthily obtaining information or conducting investigations for a given client. Private investigators offer a variety of services even for the average Joe and may be able to gather information from individuals as well as business. It’s often mistaken that they tout the same powers as police officers yet they do not and they must still abide by common laws. When looking into the possibility of hiring these skilled professionals it’s important to know what they can and cannot do. A private investigator or pi is able to conduct a variety of tasks and requests that may be of service to you. The advantages of hiring a private investigator can range from assisting with white collar crimes to standard background checks. Here are some information surrounding private investigators so you can get an idea of how to go about hiring one.

Is it legal for someone to hire a private investigator?

Using or hiring a private investigator is not illegal or violate any rules of law, however, a private investigator can’t engage in certain conduct that would violate any laws in the system.

What does a private investigator do?

A private investigator is a person for hire that is able to gather information or do certain tasks for a client regarding an individual or business. They can check for criminal history of civil judgments, collect evidence, interview people to gather information, conduct surveillance as well as search online, public or court records.

What does it cost to hire a private investigator?

A private investigator is typically hired at an hourly rate and can range in price depending on the complexity of the work, the location, and the level of expertise of the private investigator themselves. The average cost within the United States is around $50 an hour while the typical range would be $40-$100 per hour.

Detectives Working in a Private Agency & Conducting Investigations

Investigation Benefits

  • Background Checks
  • Surveillance
  • Missing Persons 
  • Pre-employment Screening 
  • Background Checks for Prospective Business Partners 
  • Investment Checks 
  • Security Consultations
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Electronic Surveillance Detection 
  • Handle Complex Situations
  • Understand Legal Procedures 
  • Gather Evidence 
  • Can Be Anonymous
  • Efficient/Work Quickly

Can private investigators follow you?

A private investigator is able to follow you and in the industry, this is referred to as surveillance. Most cases involve a  private investigator trailing individuals in order to document or photograph their activities and whereabouts without interfering in their business. However, a private investigator will usually follow you until you become aware that they are doing so. This is due to the scenario that you may or may not change your habits if you’re aware of being followed. In this case, a private investigator will reccommend to the client to either wait a few days before reconvening, to carry on the surveillance with a different private investigator or implement multiple investigators so more of a distance can be maintained. As of such, surveillance will usually not end until the client has communicated that they would like the private investigator to stop. This could be due to sufficient evidence being obtained or a variety of other reasons.

Private Investigation and Security

The difference between a private investigator and a security guard is that typically a security guard will be stationed at a facility to check for security breaches and maintain order. A bodyguard, in turn, would be someone who protects a client personally during travel or other circumstances where a clients safety is may be put at risk.

Private Investigation and Law Enforcement

A private investigator can work with police, lawyers and other people of law enforcement in order to collect evidence or provide additional perspectives to investigations. As of such, although they may work with these entities they do not have the same rights or privileges as them and must abide by common law.

Contact A Professional For More Information

When you’re in need of a private investigator than be sure to take a look into your local private investigation firms and see what they can do for you. Private investigator benefits are many and can be beneficial for court cases, investigations and maintaining security. Getting in touch with a professional private investigator will allow you to discuss your aims and preferences regarding your particular request. You’ll be able to gain more knowledge from them and be guided through the process so it can begin. When in doubt we encourage you to ask questions in order to remain on the same page of what is being needed. The next time you need assistance with an individual or business consider hiring a private investigator.

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