Do You Need Armed Transport Services?

While secure transportation has been around for decades, methods of easier construction have allowed for the service to be available in almost every are and for any purpose one can imagine. Today, armed transport services are utilized for everything from transporting valuable industrial equipment to a new work site to transporting valuable personal belongs to a new residence. There is no limit to the uses for safe and secure transport services. Consider using armed transport for any of these situations:

White Armored Truck

Armored Trucks Can Provide the Protection Needed for Your Valuables to Arrive Safely.

  1. When traveling with no cell service
  2. When traveling alone with children
  3. Trips to foreign countries or other unknown places
  4. Excursions to questionable areas or neighborhoods
  5. Long trips with valuable in tow

What is Secure Reliable Transport?

In some cases, a mailed package or a professional courier or delivery team isn’t adequate for your belongings. Whether your possessions are exceedingly valuable or contain unpublicized information, there may be times when you need a more secure transportation method. Secure reliable transport offers armed transportation of people, valuables, and other possessions to ensure they safely arrive at their destination. These transportation experts use unmarked and reinforced vehicles, weaponry, and controlled communication to complete each transport safely and accurately. Secure transport can be used for:

  • Personal Assets
  • Company Records or Private Data
  • Influential Person Transport
  • Jewelry, Money, or Valuable Transport
  • Business Agreement or Document Transport
  • Equipment and Material Transport

Benefits of Using Armed Transport

Armored cars provide extensive benefits that can’t be matched by any other service. While still a fairly new service for the general public, armored transport can present time and money saving advantages as well as peace of mind. Armored transport isn’t just for money anymore. In fact, many private and corporate goers are utilizing the service for their personal valuables, company records and documents, and much more.

Security Guard Standing Watch

Security Guards can Provide Increased Safety and Peace of Mind.

Save Time
When you entrust a transport service, it leaves your time free for more important tasks.

Lower Theft Risk
By using an armed transport agent, your employees are out of the theft spotlight and your inventory is at less of a risk of being dwindled by pickers.

Operational Efficiency
Using armed transport services allows your employees to take on other projects.

Improve Security
A noticeable presence of armed guards can deter many wrong-doers before an event takes place. An armed guard can also prevent occurring security breaches through force.

Your Armed Transport Options

Depending on why you need the service, you have several options for your armored transport service. Whether you need personal protection or a defense system for your valuables, there is an armored service that can help you.

What is Armored Car Service?

Armored car service is just how it sounds. This is a transport service where the vehicle has been reinforced with protective qualities to better protect what’s inside. With armored car service, you know that your property is being safely transported from point A to point B by a driver who is experienced in both defensive and evasive driving techniques as well as secure transportation protocol. Armored car drivers are carefully screened and vetted so you can be sure that your belongings are safe and secure throughout their trip.

Defensive Driving

What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is a driving tactic and skill in which the driver predicts and plans for the moves of the drivers around them. Proper defensive driving takes extensive practice and focus but can decrease the risk of accidents exponentially.

Evasive Driving

What is Evasive Driving?

Like defensive driving, evasive driving is a driving technique that requires skill and experience to perform correctly. This technique is implemented in areas of danger or imminent threats and is used to get out of the precarious situation. This type f driving takes incredible amounts of skill and experience, and can be very dangerous when carried out by an ameteur.

Secure Transport Protocol

What is Secure Transport Protocol

In order to ensure that your possessions end up at their destination unharmed, armed transporters use protocols. These measures are in place to provide uniformity and reliability. They provide easily identifiable deviances to the plan so your armed agent is always prepared for danger or disturbances.

What do Armed Security Guards Do?

Armed security guards provide a secure means of travel for persons of interest including sports and entertainment figures, politicians, and even highly recognized corporate professionals to ensure they travel to and arrive at their destination safely. These professionals use advanced communication tactics as well as planning, weaponry and reinforced protective measures to ensure safety and comfort.

Secured Transport Service You Can Rely On

In today’s world, one just can’t be too careful. Whether you need transport of a family heirloom or you’re looking for a little extra security for a vacation with the kids, additional security never hurts. The Recon Security team provides affordable, reliable security and secure transportation throughout Oklahoma City, OK and the surrounding area so you can always be sure that you and your belongings are safe and secure. Our professionals are trained and skilled in focus, defense, and evasion techniques and can give you the peace of mind you need. For all of your security guard or secure transportation needs, speak with the Recon Security professionals by calling (405) 510-0201 today. We deliver the security you need in any situation.