Legal Process Server in Oklahoma City, OK

When you need to have legal documents served, there will be some cases in which a professional investigator or a legal process server is required. Recon Security has the experience necessary to make sure legal documents are served in person and provide evidence that the documents were received. Contact us today at (405) 510-0201 if you need a legal process server in Oklahoma City, OK.

When is a Legal Process Server Required?

When legal action is taken against someone, the law states that the person has a right to know that action is being taken and, to ensure this, the documentation must be delivered in person.

Photo of legal process serverNot everyone is willing to receive legal documents and will refuse to accept them or in extreme situations may leave the area. In this situation, hiring a professional investigator or a legal process server has many benefits:

Laws must be followed carefully when serving legal documents, ignoring the law could damage your case and create more legal issues. When you hire a professional legal process server, you are ensuring that the documents are handed over in a manner that the law requires. Our process servers have backgrounds in law enforcement and over twenty years of experience.

Has the person in question left town in order to avoid legal action? A private investigator has the surveillance and skip tracing expertise that is required to missing persons. Without the help of an investigator, finding a person who has gone into hiding can be near to impossible.

Once the person has been found, it is necessary to have proof that the documents have been delivered. Even after serving documentation, the person can still deny receiving them, which is why working with a skilled legal process server deliver the documents with solid evidence the person did indeed take the legal documents.

When you need legal documents served, you can trust Recon Security to get the job done right. Give us a call today at (405) 510-0201 to speak with one of our representatives for a private investigator or legal process server in Oklahoma, OK.