Corporate Private Security Services

When you need private security for your corporate building or office, contact Recon Security. We are here to provide on-site corporate private security services in Oklahoma City, OK for any type of office setting. To learn more and see how we can serve and protect you, call (405) 510-0201.

Why Hire a Corporate Private Security Guard?

PHOTO OF corporate private security servicesThere are many benefits to hiring a corporate private security contractor, including a sense of safety and crime deterrent. As a building owner or office manager, you want your tenants and employees to feel secure. This might include a parking lot security officer or a variety of security systems. Depending on the size of your building and security needs, you may require multiple guards.

At Recon Security, we believe in creating unique solutions for your corporate security needs. A one size fits all plan doesn’t work for every client. Small businesses, for example, tend to have different security needs than a large, corporate building or campus. We are happy to provide private security protection for:

No matter what type of client, though, you can always count on professional, trained staff and excellent customer service. Our expert security guards understand the needs of a corporate client and will tailor their on-site security services to meet those needs. We use our over twenty years of experience and backgrounds in the military, law enforcement and security to ensure your needs are met.

With our corporate private security services, you can rest easy knowing that your property and personnel are being looked after. Security guards pose as a significant crime deterrent and can help everyone in the office feel safe and comfortable. No one should come to work and have to worry about trespassers, vandals, thieves, or other criminal activity. To learn how we can craft a solution for your property, give us a call.

Your Oklahoma Private Security Professionals

Don’t leave your building or employees in danger from an unsecured property. Contact your local security experts and rest easy knowing someone is watching over your corporate office. We don’t just sit behind a camera and call you when there’s a problem; our professionals are trained to handle criminal activity and other problems. Call Recon Security at (405) 510-0201 for corporate private security services in Oklahoma City, OK today.