Oil and Gas Private Security Services

Do you need a security guard for your oilfield? Looking for a trusted gate guard service? Recon Security is proud to provide energy, oil and gas private security services in Oklahoma City, OK. Prevent oilfield theft and keep your site under quality surveillance with our on-site private security guards.

What an Oil and Gas Security Guard Can Do for You

PHOTO OF oil and gas private securityOilfield theft is a serious problem and can cost you thousands of dollars in equipment losses. Protect your site and equipment with premier gate guard services and oilfield private security guards. At Recon Security, we know the unique challenges and risks associated with oil and gas security. Often in secluded locations, oilfields are targeted for theft, trespassing, and vandalism. Our professional security guards will safeguard your work site so that you can rest easy.

At Recon Security, we believe in a customized and personal approach to private security for oil and gas companies. Using military and law enforcement techniques, we will carefully evaluate your site to identify potential security weaknesses and how we can best serve you. With reliable, on-site gate guard service, you can always count on your site’s security, day or night. While security cameras can help you catch a thief, they often fail to prevent crimes. Let one of our trained professionals help prevent oilfield theft with our trusted, on-site private security. Our guards are also trained to be professionals in customer service as well as how to handle criminal activity.

Trusted Gate Guard Service in Oklahoma

With Recon Security, you never have to worry about well site security or oilfield theft. With our over twenty years of experience and an on-site private security guard stationed on your property, you can have peace of mind. Call Recon Security today at (405) 510-0201 for oil and gas private security services and gate guard service in Oklahoma City, OK.