Residential Private Security Services

Do you need a security guard for your estate, condominium, home, or other residence? Call Recon Security today at (405) 510-0201 for professional residential private security services in Oklahoma. We’ll make sure your property is kept safe and secure.

Benefits of Residential Private Security

PHOTO OF residential private securityYour home and everything in it is extremely important to you. This is why home security is such a vital decision. There are many methods, one of the most common being an alarm system or cameras. A home security system has its benefits; however, while it may deter some criminals, it cannot stop them. Some systems are only valuable if someone breaks into your home. An on-site private security guard is a much stronger deterrent when seen patrolling your property or neighborhood. No matter the size of your residence, Recon Security has a solution for you.

Because each property is unique, we evaluate each client and craft a security plan to suit your specific needs. You might want someone to patrol your home while you’re on vacation, or you may prefer a gate guard at the entrance to your subdivision or estate. Whether you want to prevent burglary or vandalism, or simply provide a sense of security for homeowners and tenants, Recon Security can help.

Our residential private security guards are trained in a variety of techniques to handle criminal activity and other problems. You can count on our private security guards to be professional and attentive at all times. We also emphasize quality customer service. Since many guards interact with people, we want you to have a pleasant experience and feel comfortable and safe.

Find Peace of Mind with Recon Security

You want your family and possessions to be safe at all times. Let Recon Security give you the peace of mind you deserve by guarding your residence. From large estates to condominiums, we provide residential private security services to all types of homes. We will protect against intrusion and vandalism, as well as watching for prowlers, trespassers, and more. Call Recon Security at (405) 510-0201 for trusted residential private security services in Oklahoma City, OK.