Special Events Private Security Services

Do you need professional security services for a special event? No matter the size of your event, whether it is public or private, Recon Security is your top choice. Call us at (405) 510-0201 for special events private security in Oklahoma City, OK.

Reasons for On-Site Special Events Private Security

photo of special events private securityHosting a black-tie gala? Planning a large-scale event at a church or convention center? Do you need additional security for a concert or sporting event? Whether your gathering is small or large, there are many reasons to hire special events private security. With Recon Security, you can count on trusted, professional service for your event.

You may need private security guards at your event to make sure no property is damaged, or that no one is committing a crime. Shoplifting at a trade-show, fights at a sporting event, robbery at a fundraiser and more are all instances our guards are trained to handle. However, we know that each event and situation is different, requiring unique security measures. We will thoroughly assess your venue before the event to identify potential security weaknesses and other problems. In addition to securing property and guarding attendees, we are prepared to provide emergency assistance if needed.

Preventing crime and handling emergency situations are not our only goals. We also pride ourselves on personal protection and customer service. If your event will attract executives or celebrities, we can also provide personal bodyguard services. Whether you want your private security guard to blend in with the crowd or be visible, Recon Security can craft a security plan for your special event. We also patrol parking lots, giving event attendees additional assurance that they and their vehicles will be safe.

Professional Protection, Trusted Service

Recon Security private security guards have over twenty years of experience in the security field and are fully trained to handle all types of situations that may come up at your event. Our experienced team is available to assist you with any and all events to provide protection and security to your property and attendees. Call us at (405) 510-0201 if you’re interested in special events private security services in Oklahoma City, OK.