What Is a Process Server Used For?

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Process Servers Are Able To Serve Legal Documents To Individuals.

A process server is used for a wide range of services like filing documents, the retrieval of documents, and serving documents, with the latter being the most common service that process servers provide. Usually, a process server will deliver legal documents to individuals who are involved in some sort of court case. Once the process server has delivered the documents they need proof that the documents were delivered to the right person. Under the fifth and sixth amendments to the constitution, service of due process is a right for every individual, so if they are being summoned, they have a legal right to know so. To learn more about what process servers are allowed to do, continue reading.

What Is a Process Server Allowed To Do?

  • They Can Leave Documents At Your Door: This applies to people who are being evicted and typically the papers should be served in person, but a process server can leave the documents at the door. However, they also must mail documents to the address of the person being served.
  • They Can Still Serve Someone Even if The Person Doesn’t Accept the Documents: When someone is being served with papers, they don’t actually have to sign for anything. So if they decide they don’t want the papers but the process server has proof it was delivered, then its the fault of the process server.

Using a process server is a safe way for legal documents to be delivered to the right person. Just like you wouldn’t perform a gate installation on your own, you wouldn’t try to serve someone who could potentially harm you. If you need process server in Oklahoma City, OK, please call Recon Security at (405) 510-0201!