Private Security Guard in Oklahoma

private security guard in OklahomaLooking for a professional, trusted security guard in Oklahoma? Do you need comprehensive security services you can count on? Look no further than Recon Security, your first choice for security contracting in Oklahoma. Call us today at (405) 510-0201 to learn more about how we serve you.

Areas Served

From small, rural towns to OKC and Tulsa, Recon Security is happy to provide private security services through the state. From residential and corporate on-site security to personal bodyguard services, we cover all areas of security. We also serve several industries, including government, healthcare, oil and gas, and more. Our goal is to protect you, your property, and your assets. If you need a private security guard in Oklahoma, contact us today.

Recon Security is also available to provide process server and private investigator services in Oklahoma. Our experience in skip tracing helps us track down missing persons or those in hiding with efficiency and confidentiality. We handle business and family matters, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Our staff work quickly and privately so you can get results fast.

When you need a professional, trusted security guard in Oklahoma, call Recon Security at (405) 510-0201 today.