Private Security in Sulphur, OK

Photo of security guardLooking for a private security guard in Sulphur, OK? Both civilians and companies can find quality private security guard services from Recon Security. We are available for you and ready to complete services from on-site security to family bodyguard. From CEOs to celebrities and their families, Recon Security provides services for many clients. Our team believes that each client has individual needs. Your requirements are heard and used to organize a custom security plan. Trust in Recon Security to keep you and your loved ones protected. Call us today at (405) 510-0201 to speak with an investigator or private security about your private security in Sulphur, OK.

CEO, Celebrity, and Civilian Security Guard Services

Our team at Recon Security supply security in Sulphur, OK to civilians and companies alike. Some of the services we supply are:

  • Corporate Private Security Our security guards supply on-site security services to keep your personnel and your product safe. Recon Security private security guards serve and protect corporate industry clients from outside and internal endangerment.
  • Oil And Gas Security Shield your oilfield from trespassers and criminal activity with our security guard services. On-site security guards deter vandalism, theft and other criminal actions from occurring at your oilfield.
  • Government Private Security Our security plans are customized to your concerns and your buildings security needs. ┬áRecon Security supplies government security contracts to {safeguard|protect|secure| property including patrols, monitoring, and more.
  • Healthcare Facility Private Security Our security guards are professional and experts in conflict resolution and customer services for hospital environments. We keep our eye out for criminal activity that would take advantage of the openness of a hospital.
  • Parking Lot Security Officer We offer private security guard services for corporate and public parking lots. The additional security of a visible guard discourages criminals from damaging of your personal vehicle.
  • Residential Private Security Your house will never be a victim of break ins or theft on our watch. Private residential security is available for your home, condominium, apartment and more.
  • Small Business Private Security Service We secure your small business establishment against vandalism, theft, and other criminal activity with specialized security plans. Our security guards will keep your building protected from harm and keep your business safe.
  • Special Events Private Security Trust on Recon Security to keep your special event protected and your attendees at ease. Our security guard services are available for any special event, from black tie to a friendly get together.

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Photo of security guardFor those looking for private security guards, discretion, professionalism, and experience are key. Safety from your bodyguard should never interfere with your daily life or lifestyle. Whether you are attending special events or performing daily tasks, our private security guards keep you protected without detering your lifestyle. We ensure all of our security guards are skilled in many techniques, including defensive driving and techniques, to keep you secure. Recon Security guarantees your safety and security. Contact us today at (405) 510-0201 to get started on your security guard plan in Sulphur, OK.