What is a Private Security Officer?

A Security Officer Checks in With a Walkie Talkie.

What is a private security officer?

Private security officers are individuals hired to protect individuals or private property from crimes or other hazards such as fire. Though they may have similar duties as state, county or federal law enforcement, they work for private individuals or companies rather than the public. Duties of security officers vary from protecting the life of a prominent or well-known individual to patrolling a place of business on the look-out for intruders or potential problems. Many serve as part of on-site security services, and spend time in one location keeping track of security cameras and monitoring alarms, as well as other duties as needed.

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What is the difference between a security guard and security officer?

While we often use the words “security guard” and “security officer” interchangeably, there are differences between the two in some cases, as outlined below:

Security guards

  • Often of lower rank than security officers
  • Require less training and usually only need to pass entry level fitness and IQ exams
  • Duties usually include standing guard at one location to report suspicious activity or to provide information to customers or visitors

Security officers

  • Usually in charge of a group of security guards
  • Occasionally train security guards
  • Often mobile, traveling from one spot to another to ensure all guard positions and operations are running smoothly

Can you hire police for security?

Yes, off-duty police officers or sheriffs deputies or other law enforcement officers often serve as security officers and security guards. They can work for private security firms, individuals or organizations. Officers may have restrictions set by their departments on the types of duties they can perform. In some cases, the law enforcement agency will employ their officers in security roles, such as at particular events like parades. The officers are compensated by their department rather than an outside agency for the security detail, and are usually paid overtime for the service.

Can private security issue tickets?

When you have on-site security services, they have some authority over individuals caught committing criminal acts or suspicious activities. In some cases, for instance, they can detain or arrest a person and hold them until police arrive to investigate. Some private property management companies hire private security officers to manage traffic in parking lots and thoroughfares on their property. While these officers may issue citations for such offenses as parking in a restricted parking area, those citations may not have any legal authority. You may have to pay a fine if you live or work on the property, or the security officer may be able to have your car towed. Ordinances may vary from city to city or state to state regarding the specific legal action security services can take or enforce.

While security officers may have limited legal roles, committing crimes on the property or against the person they are defending is still illegal. For instance, if you are using or are in possession of drugs on the property, unless you have a reason to have the drugs — medical marijuana, for instance — you’ll be subject to legal action once law enforcement arrives to investigate the scene.

How much does a security company charge per hour?

The average rates for on-site security services will vary depending on the service required. For a security guard with little experience, the average rate runs about $15 to $25 per hour. If you need armed security guards, you’ll pay about $3 to $5 extra per hour. For experienced and insured security guard you’ll pay anywhere between $30 to $35 for an unarmed guard, while an armed guard will cost $35 to $45 per hour. For highly experienced and trained security like ex-military or off-duty police you can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $100 per hour. Again, these rates may vary depending on the type of service you require.

How much does security patrol services cost?

Onsite security services perform several types of duties, including patrolling property, which is usually done in shifts. As with other security services, the rates will vary depending on how many officers you need and how many shifts are required. Usually you’ll pay each member of the security team an hourly rate. Rates could also vary depending on the time of day of the shift.

A Security Guard Watches a Private Gate.

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