What is Residential Security?

A Private Security Guard and Dog Patrol a Home.

What is residential security?

We all want to protect our homes and property. Many people resort to camera systems, lighting and alarms. While these measures work, and can deter break-ins or identify thieves after a crime has occurred, with onsite private security, crimes can be prevented in progress. A private security guard can also sign in visitors and report suspicious people. Onsite security can work for individual homes or whole neighborhoods.

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Why do we need private security?

Private security is very important in everyday life. Banks use security guards to protect people and assets coming into and going out of the building. Other businesses need security to watch warehouses and other buildings or to check-in visitors and ensure employees are safe at their place of work. Individuals hire bodyguards to protect themselves and those around them from anyone who might want to harm them. Individual homeowners hire security to protect their homes and families from break-ins and home invasions, while neighborhoods hire onsite security to patrol neighborhoods regularly or to monitor gated communities and making sure only invited guests and residents get into the neighborhood. Private security provides a service and can act as an intermediary to law enforcement, detaining criminals or preventing crime until officials arrive.

What is the main role of a security officer?

While overall security officers have the primary responsibility of maintaining safe and secure environments for their clients, their actual job duties are various. These job duties include:

  • Securing premises and employees through patrols and monitoring surveillance equipment, as well as inspecting buildings and equipment or access points. They permit entry to employees or residents and sign-in visitors.
  • They get help by sounding alarms.
  • They provide loss prevention services, inform violators of policy or procedures or detain or restrain trespassers.
  • They direct and control traffic.
  • Officers also create and complete reports and provide information about their observations and activities through their work day.
  • Security is also responsible for maintaining and monitoring security equipment like cameras and alarms.

Are private security officers armed

Private security officers may be armed, depending on the security role they’re assigned. Bank guards, for instance, may be armed. In this case, a weapon may be necessary to protect people and assets from robberies and armed assailants. On the other hand, security personnel who permit entry to a business by checking identification are unlikely to be armed, depending on the type of business they are protecting. Of course, armed security guards must earn any required licenses or certifications. Each state will have varying weapons laws and who can carry a gun or other weapon for security services. 

If you enter a building armed that doesn’t allow weapons on the premises, a security guard may detain you until police arrive to take you into custody. If you are arrested in Oklahoma on weapons violations charges, you may need weapons violation bail bonds help. 

Can private security touch?

While private security personnel are not law enforcement, because they are hired to protect people and property, they can use reasonable force on violators in certain circumstances. You may ask, Can private security arrest you? Most security guards and officers can arrest or detain you if they see you committing an offense for which you could be indicted like shoplifting or destruction of property. Like law enforcement officers, they may not use excessive force when making an arrest or when trying to detain you. They can also assist law enforcement in pursuing someone suspected of committing an offense on the property the security person is protecting. Security personnel can detain you until law enforcement arrives and may search you. Armed security, including those carrying batons or other non lethal weapons, must obey laws governing the weapons they are carrying, and can normally only use those weapons in self defense roles.

What does private security cost

Costs for private security can vary. On average you can expect to pay about $20 to $30 per hour. Prices can vary depending on the role the security personnel are performing. Security personnel providing executive protection might run as high as $150 per hour.

How much do private security guards make?

Salaries for private security guards will vary. Nationally, annual salaries range from about $40,000 to $120,000. The salary will depend on the role and employer, as well as the experience of the security guard. 

A Security Check Sign at a Residential Gate.

Private security near me

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